The Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting above normal snowfall for the Midwest for the 2013-2014 winter season.  If you do not have a snow and ice maintenance plan in place for your property now is the time to start working on that before snow contractors can no longer accept new clients. What to look for in hiring a snow and ice maintenance contractor:

Equipment: Does the contractor have the proper equipment to “Push it, haul it, stack it, and salt it”? We use these 4 phrases because each is important in it’s own way.

  • “Push it”
    • At Goodmanson Construction we have several pick up trucks with several different size and shaped plows to make our trips as efficient as possible.
  • “Haul it”
    • Hauling snow can increase the amount of space for your property. Whether it is parking spaces for customers or loading spaces for deliveries, having the option to haul snow off your property can increase your efficiency as well as keep your staff and customers safe.
  • “Stack it”
    • It is important to have equipment that can stack large amounts of snow into a small area. A plow truck can only push snow…it can not stack snow, so with a forecasted above normal snowfall predicted you will want to hire a contractor that can stack the extra snow to keep as many parking/loading areas as clear as possible.
  • “Salt it”
    • There are two factors when it comes to hiring a salting contractor: 1 is if they have the equipment to salt and 2 is what they consider salting equipment. You will see some contractors that say they salt without a salt spreader truck. They will have a crew member in the back of the pick up with a bag/bucket of salt and a Dixie cup shaking salt onto your pavement. We have several salt spreader trucks to evenly cover all aspects of your lot. We also have push behind spreaders for smaller areas such as sidewalks.


Staff: Does your contractor have the proper staff to handle plowable snow events? This means do you have a direct phone number to your sites assigned supervisor. Do you have contact information where you can speak directly to a person 24 hours/day  7 days/week? At Goodmanson we have not only an office staff ready to field phone calls, but our customers receive contact information to their site supervisor, which they can reach at any time. Our crew is also fully trained and experienced on the type of equipment they are assigned to year after year to make sure your property is left in the best possible shape come spring.
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