Goodmanson Construction Celebrates 2018 in our “2018 Retrospective” Video!



Developing Concrete Relationships in 2018.

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

From the beginning in 1971, Goodmanson Construction has never shied away from tough, ambitious projects. 2018 was no different. You’ll see all kinds of projects in our Year in Review video. We built and paved parking lots from the ground up. Constructed curbs, sidewalks and foundations.  Worked on Industrial Construction projects, Commercial Construction projects and Residential Construction projects.

We did it all this year and we’re going to keep on doing more in 2019!


Better Technology, Faster Service, More Availability.

We upgraded our technology this year, too. As an example, we got a hydronic heating system, which allows us to work on concrete and asphalt construction in the middle of a Minnesota winter (check out our post on Insulated Concrete Foundations to see another technology we use to conquer the cold!). And have you ever heard of a curbing machine? You put the concrete in and the machine turns out a perfect curb according to our specifications. As a result of these upgrades, we can take on more projects in more places and get them done faster.

So if you’re sitting on a project this winter because you just don’t think you can get it done because of the cold, you should give us a call or reach out on our Free Estimate page. Winter is generally a lower-traffic time for most businesses and Universities, so it’s the perfect time to get going and get your project done.

2019 and Beyond!

2019 is looking bright for Goodmanson Construction! We’ve got new hires, new equipment and the same dedication to quality that we’ve had since 1971. We’re looking forward to bringing your projects to life in 2019–anytime and in any weather!


Request your free estimate today, and we’ll be happy to talk with you about your next concrete, asphalt or excavation project!