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From Company President & Founder, Merl Goodmanson…

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As we celebrate over 45 years of Goodmanson Construction, I feel humbled and very proud of all of the people that have been instrumental in our success. My wife, Cami, has been a rock keeping this organization’s finances and office running like the energizer bunny. Without her tireless dedication to detail, we would be just another statistic on the government’s list of failures.

The fact that Rick, our son, chose to come aboard and play a leading role had Cami and I over joyed! With a degree in aviation management, and holding a commercial pilot’s license, one would assume that Rick would follow the aviation business path. However, Rick chose to return to his roots and help manage the business. Rick has taken this old “Mom & Pop” company to a bona fide small business with quite a few skilled employees. Over the last decade, our gross sales have shot up! We offer our staff IRA’s, health insurance, and many other benefits. More importantly, Rick has put together a team who loves their work, is proud of the company and themselves, and believes in each other. The quality of their work is exemplary. Rick’s business management expertise, leadership skills, and caring attitude has revitalized a once tired and slow moving group into a caring and bustling business. Rick’s quality consciousness and attention to detail has caused the Goodmanson name to become the most highly rated!

Thanks to our children and the entire team at Goodmanson, we have a better plan-of-action for tracking and improving every project.

The absolute most important aspect of our business in the past 45 years has been you, our customers and friends. The people who have trusted Goodmanson Construction so much as to let us into your life and allowed us the pleasure of working on your home and trusted us with your property. The simple fact that you have spent your hard earned money, sometimes money that has taken years to save, to have us complete your home improvements is very humbling. This type of dedication can only happen because people trust us and we deliver, causing personal relationships to materialize. We truly have been “Developing Concrete Relationships Since 1971″ with you, our customers.

I would like to personally thank you, our customers, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for putting your faith in Goodmanson Construction in the past, the present, and in all of your future projects. Without you, there would be no Goodmanson Construction.

To those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to have Goodmanson Construction work for you, I also thank you for taking this opportunity to research and consider our company. We encourage you to get your FREE estimate, so you too can experience how we “Develop Concrete Relationships”.
From my family to yours, thank you!

Thank You Everyone!

Merl Goodmanson, President

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