Concrete or Asphalt Parking? The Age-Old Question of our Industry

Has the freezing winter weather and harsh de-icing chemicals left your business’s parking lot looking like this? If so, it may be time to think about adding a parking lot makeover to your company’s new year’s resolutions.

While both concrete and asphalt parking lots have their advantages, it sometimes requires a more in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, to determine what option is more suitable for your business.

If your business is looking for a short-term option for repairing your parking lot, asphalt is one of the least expensive methods available today. While it is not suitable for heavy equipment or traffic, it can be a good option for areas that see lots of passenger vehicles, such as a retail or consumer-orientated business. If your company has a vast area that needs coverage, asphalt is one of the most common choices for property managers due to it’s lower price point and as it allows your company to grow and expand in the future.

What most property managers or owners don’t know, however, is that the asphalt parking lots require more annual maintenance. This maintenance can include yearly crack filling, pot hole repairs, resealing, and often times requires large sections of asphalt to be completely removed and replaced.

As the leading concrete and asphalt contractor, serving the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas, we put people and quality results first. We care about our customers’ and their budgets, which is why Goodmanson Construction wants to break the stigma on concrete parking lots.

Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable parking lot surfaces available. Contrary to popular belief, concrete parking lots often cost less than asphalt when you factor in future asphalt maintenance costs. Whether your business sees frequent heavy traffic from semis or delivery trucks, or you are tired of the constant battle of potholes and tripping hazards to your staff and customers, concrete parking lots include a vast number of enhancements such as concrete insulation or decorative options that asphalt can’t compete with.

Whether you are looking at a concrete or asphalt parking lot, or have questions on which option is best for your business, Goodmanson Construction’s trained and certified team are available one short, no-obligation, call away. Don’t wait until after the snow melts to consider replacing your parking lot. Give Goodmanson Construction a call today at 651-636-4996 to get your project started.