Replacing a Detached Garage Floor

Max here with more concrete information. With spring almost here you may have noticed that your concrete garage floor cracked and could use some work, or even full replacement.

Having been in business since 1971, Goodmanson Construction knows about concrete floor replacement. No more cracked garage floor or tripping edges!

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Why Would you Need Garage Floor Replacement?

It’s a big job. So it helps to know under what circumstances you’d want to replace your garage floor. You’re probably looking up cost to replace a garage floor right now thinking you can make this your DIY project for the summer!

Let’s be clear: it’s not a cheap job so just a few cracks and chips or cosmetic problems really aren’t going to be something you’ll want to call a contractor about.

But years and years of frost heaving? Hoo Boy. That can do a number on your floor. It can even endanger the structure itself.

Before and After Garage Floor Frost Heaving

Do you see that?! Look at how the structure itself is bowing out from the middle of that crack there. That’s more than just some ugly garage floor! That’s a threat to the whole structure of your garage! So you’ve got to figure out a way to fix it up. Luckily, Goodmanson Construction has had many years experience with this kind of thing (as you can see).

Not only can we replace your garage floor, but we can prevent frost heaving in your next one too. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how we do it!

Detached Garage Floor Diagram

How to Replace a Garage Floor (the Goodmanson Way)

1. Raise the Garage & Remove the Old Floor

For a detached car garage floor replacement, the first thing we may need to do is raise your garage so we can remove the old floor. This is for those cases where the structure itself is sound, but just that floor needs replacing. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, they say! We have the knowledge and equipment to do this without damage to your structure. We will then tear out and haul away the old floor to be recycled. No unsightly dumpsters on your property taking up space in the street or your driveway.

2. Dig and Install Footings

With the old floor removed, we then dig footings and grade the area for the base of your floor. Beneath your footings we install recycled concrete tamped to perfection with a power tamper. You want to have a good solid base for the concrete that can withstand the pressure and the weight of the structure on top. Believe us, this step is critical. When it comes to garage floor replacement, you only want to be doing something like this once! This solid base will be 2 to 6 inches in depth. We are now ready for the steel rebar reinforcement.

3. Install Rebar

We put 1/2 inch rebar on 2-inch chairs continuous throughout the length of the footings. The chairs hold the rebar up in the concrete. For the floor we use 3/8 inch rebar in a two-foot grid pattern tied together and also placed on 2 inch chairs, holding it in place. Why chairs? Rebar does you no good lying on the bottom of your concrete. As you can see in the diagram our footings are 12 inches wide and 8 inches to the top of the floor. We pour concrete floors to 5 1/2 to 6 inches thick and finish with a steel trowel, our garage floor coating is sealed upon completion (check out my sealer blog for more on sealers).

We also install anchor bolts when the concrete is fresh so they basically become part of your slab. No drilling holes in your new concrete.

4. Framing, Grade and Codes

Codes call for the framing of the garage floor itself to be at least 6 inches above the grade of your yard so if yours is not 6 inches above grade, we can solve the problem in a couple of ways. If your garage is on a hill or slope we can grade down to bring you up to code. If it isn’t possible to change the grade, we can lay one course of 6 or 8-inch block around the perimeter to bring your garage up to code.

When Goodmanson Construction does a garage floor replacement, we don’t cut corners. We build up to code every time, guaranteed.

5. Additional Features (Insulation and Radiant Heating)

Have heat in your garage? Want heat or insulate in your garage? Talk to your Goodmanson Construction representative about insulating with 2″ rigid foam beneath your floor or adding radiant in floor heating and your garage can be toasty warm.

Remember that nasty frost heaving I was talking about before? Why do a garage floor replacement if you’re just going to be replacing it again 10 years down the road because of the same problem? Get some insulation in that garage floor! That little bit of foam can be an inexpensive life-saver for your concrete. Or if you really want to kiss frost heaving goodbye, you may want to go for the radiant floor option. It’s up to you!

But remember: heating the garage floor it’s not just about comfort. It’s about preserving the life of your investment!

Keep in mind that raising your garage is going to change the height of your overhead garage door. Talk to your Goodmanson Construction representative for more about this.

Call us soon to get on our schedule so we can begin to build a concrete relationship. Have a wonderful weekend and great week ahead.

Until next time, Bye…

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Having been in business since 1971, Goodmanson Construction knows about garage floor replacement. No more cracks or tripping edges. Give us a call at 651-636-4996 to schedule an appointment for one of our project design specialists to come out and give you some ideas as to how to solve any issues you may have.