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Hello everyone. Max Goodmanson with some exciting news about drying up your basement. We’ve had quite the winter. With all the snow and ice, some of you may be having water problems in your basement.

Goodmanson Construction, having been in business since 1971, can help solve your problem. Excess water due to melting ice and snow may creep down the exterior of your concrete foundation walls and seep through and run down inside the blocks.

Having no where to go when it reaches the footings, said water will build up and leak through the interior of the block or come up through the basement wall and floors. You may also notice cracks along the mortar joints in your walls.

If you have such problems you can get a free estimate as to what we can do to help you solve the problem by calling us at 651-636-4996.

Industrial Poured Foundation Form

Drain tile and a sump pump (submersible pump) may be all you need to rectify the problem.

You also may want to take a look at your gutter systems. How far is the water being carried away from your house? Do you need downspout extensions to carry the rainwater further away? Or maybe think about a simple french drain system to carry water away from the foundation.

Take a look at that for some easier ideas than upgrading your basement system. The less water you have hitting your foundation the better off you’ll be!

But tackling the basement drying project yourself could be a nightmare. Lucky for you, a good concrete contractor like Goodmanson Construction has the knowledge, equipment and craftsmen to do the job properly and in a timely manner.

Here is a snap shot of how we install drainage systems in your basement.

First thing you need to do is visit our estimate page or call us at: 651-636-4996 and have one of our estimators come out to assess the problem.

  • In most cases we will cut out the basement floor around the interior of the wall.
  • Approximately two feet out from the wall. We will then trench out along the interior of the footing and place a 4″ perforated drain pipe with a fibrous sock nestled in river rock allowing the water to flow thru to the sump pump which is placed in a sloped sump pit.

(Wait, why sump pumps, isn’t my floor drain good enough?) It used to be the case that floor drains would do most of the work for the basement drain systems for concrete slab foundations. Sump pumps are a more popular solution for wetter climates like the one you find here in the Twin Cities metro area. Gravity and proper sloping of the floor just doesn’t cut it anymore!

  • Weep holes are also drilled into the bottom course of block to allow any water inside the blocks to drain into the basement drainage system.
  • We then replace the concrete, clean up the affected areas and your water problems will be no more.

Keeping in mind that there may be other solutions to your problem, it would behoove you to have an expert from Goodmanson Construction come out and have a look. There are also more options for sump pumps, like a battery backup sump pump! Just in case one sump pump isn’t enough and your power goes out!

What ever the problem may be, you can be assured that it will only become worse and more costly the longer the problem goes unattended.

Goodmanson Construction has been installing drainage systems for 43 years and we know what it takes to do the job correctly so call now to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Thank you for your time and we hope you have a great
summer. Till next time…  Bye.