Entry Steps Over a Well Room

Decorative Concrete Steps - Limestone Inserts

Steps over your well room need to be replaced? We can do that!

Hello everyone. Max Goodmanson here to give you a bit of an education as to how we remove and replace your concrete steps over your well room.

Some of you may not know what a well room is. It is the room in your basement that is approximately 76″H x 46″W x 50″ deep, where your main water and gas lines come into your home. Some use it for some sort of storage; caned goods or preserves, or even for a place to store firewood for the fireplace.

What ever you use it for, this crawl space like room is usually under your front entry steps.  Now, what if you noticed water in that little room under your front door? Or maybe you’re just interested in basement waterproofing and those steps are proving a problem?

When replacing these steps it is always wise to have a professional do the work. Having been in business since 1971 Goodmanson Construction has the professionals to do the job correctly and leave you with a set of steps that are a true work of art.

Are your steps deteriorating? Do you have a water leak coming into your well room?

A well room leak is bad news, one that a sump pump won’t necessarily solve. This is more complicated than replacing a normal set of entry steps. It requires special expertise. So if you’re wondering how to fix your well room or how to fix the steps over your well room, that’s going to be something you’ll want to call a contractor about.

Well rooms make things tricky!

One of our project estimator/design specialists will gladly come out to your house and give you a free estimate.

All you have to do is call us at (651) 636-4996 or click here to schedule your FREE estimate.

When you are on our schedule (which is filling up quickly) we will be in and out in a very timely manner leaving you to enjoy your new steps.

Our Process for Entry Steps Over a Well Room

Cleaning and Securing the Area

First off, we will help you get the room cleared out if need be.

Then we wrap any and all water and gas lines so as to protect them from any debris that may fall when removing the old concrete steps. With the proper equipment and our highly trained craftsmen there isn’t much debris for you to worry about. We use a skid loader to lift the old steps out, load them onto one of our dump trucks and haul them away to the recycling plant. You need not worry about the noise and mess made with a jack-hammer, although we may need to knock a couple of holes in the bottom of the first riser for the forks of the tractor to fit into.

Grading and Placing New Ceiling for the Well Room

The next step is the determination of damage to the block walls that act as footings for your steps. If they are in good shape, great! Usually we need to replace the top course of block going down at least to grade level. ‘

The next thing to do is place a pre-cut 3/4″ piece of plywood with 2×4 bracing attached over the room. This will remain as the ceiling of your well room.

Designing and Placing the Steps

Now comes the exciting part, the part where we form up the steps and pour the concrete. Prior to this you will have come to a decision with your estimator and project manager as to what you want your steps to look like, just plain steps or something with a bit more style like customized concrete that looks like stone steps. Talk to your estimator/designer for these options.

Site Cleanup

After the steps are finished, we make sure that the site is cleaned up and we fill all voids left from the forms with black dirt and grass seed or landscaping rock or whatever it is you desire to leave you with a beautiful set of steps that your neighbors will be envious of.

Ready to Schedule that Estimate?

I think I have covered everything…If there are still questions, please feel free to give us a shout and we will be happy to answer them. Remember, with the late spring, our schedule is filling up fast so hurry up and give us a call to get on the schedule as soon as possible.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead…