Insulated Concrete Foundation: See How the Pros Beat a Minnesota Winter!

Photo of insulated concrete foundation
What is Insulated Concrete and Why is it so Important to Foundation Construction during a Minnesota Winter?
Our customers have projects they need to get done, and sometimes they need to get done over the winter. Industrial and commercial customers need the strongest foundations possible for their projects, and we’ve got to deliver.
Now, anyone who has been through a Minnesota winter knows that winter presents unique challenges for any kind of construction. Especially the construction of foundations. When you build like we do, you’re not satisfied until you have something that’s going to stand the test of time.
That’s why previously, concrete contractors like us weren’t able to lay foundations in the winter. But now, thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to complete commercial, industrial and residential foundation projects through the harshest winters.
One of the technologies that has helped our whole industry is advancement in foam insulation, which allows us to use Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF) on our foundation projects. Minnesota winters don’t stand a chance!
Some #ConcreteFacts from our CEO Rick Goodmanson:
“Anyone know the best way to install a concrete foundation in the winter? Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF) of course!
Watch Goodmanson Construction pouring walls for a concrete building in 20 degree temps. The insulated foam blocks protect the concrete from the cold weather and provide the best curing environment.
Poured concrete buildings using ICF is the best way to build!
Can anyone share more reasons why ICF is a better way to build? I’ll start…
1. Winter Curing
2. Energy efficiency
3. Reduced construction time
4. Reduced construction costs
5. Structural quality/durability
….many more.
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Thanks Cemstone and Larson Engineering and Versacon, Inc. for the great design/engineering and building materials! #teamwork