Parking Lot Flooding

Asphalt Parking Lot

Has this long, hard winter left the asphalt parking lot at your business or place of employment cracking up, sinking or just plain crumbling away? 
Goodmanson Construction to the rescue! Having been in business in the Twin Cities since 1971 we can solve any 
problems you may have with your commercial parking lots.

Max here to once again give you an idea as to how we can make your
life and parking lot more enjoyable. You do have options. Give us a call and set up an appointment
to have one of our estimator/design specialists come out to help you strategize a plan that will 
best fit your needs and your budget.

Here is what we did for Shiloh Temple in North Minneapolis.

It starts with an estimate

Asphalt Parking Lot

On the 23rd of April, Bishop Bettye Howell called me with a drainage problem in their parking lot. The parking area looked like a lake and Bishop Howell didn’t want her guests to have to wear waders to get into the building.

We scheduled an appointment for one of our Project Designers, JP Turner to see what kind of parking lot repair we needed.

JP met with Bishop Howell to figure out a solution to the problem. When he got there, he saw that it wasn’t just a normal wear and tear job. This isn’t something some minor asphalt patching would be able to fix. Most of the parking lot would need to be removed and replaced.

Thankfully, Goodmanson Construction had the tools and the knowledge necessary to quote the job, and JP assured Bishop Howell that when we commit to doing a parking lot, we commit to that parking lot with our Goodmanson Construction Guarantee. Not only will we do the job, but also we stand behind our work.

Options were discussed and after getting other estimates, Bishop Howell chose Goodmanson Construction because we were able to solve the problem with construction costs that fit their budget for cost effective commercial asphalt paving.

The fact of the matter is this: when you’re doing a parking lot, you only want to do it once. You don’t want to be spending that same money all over again in a few years’ time to re-do a parking lot when you find out that the low price you got came with a parking lot that didn’t last.

After receiving the signed contract for the parking lot construction, Goodmanson Constructions expert craftsmen went to work.

Let’s give you a look into our process for Shiloh Temple, which provides you with a good overview of the Goodmanson Construction process. Don’t worry, we’re not giving away any trade secrets here! A lot of this is just pulling together common-sense and experience that we’ve earned over 46 years in business building parking lots.

Some of this is going to have some technical jargon in it. You might not, as a layman, understand some of the products we mention, but a quick Google search for any terms you don’t understand should educate you.

There’s also a lot of necessary details we don’t cover here so I think it goes without saying that you don’t want to try this at home!

  • First they removed the old asphalt pavement and base in the replacement area and hauled it away for recycling.
  • They then re-graded the area (got to think about the drainage systems when it comes to any asphalt or concrete parking lot) to ensure that the water would flow out to the street, eliminating the pooling in the lot.
  • Installing the new parking lot per Goodmanson’s Signature Service, the craftsmen started with a 2 inch – 6 inch recycled concrete base and power compacted it 3 times.
  • Goodmanson uses recycled concrete as a base because it retains cement, “the glue” that holds concrete together. Over time it re-hydrates and becomes extremely dense, reducing issues such as frost heaving and settling.
  • We used a 2342(A) hot asphalt mix, which has a smaller aggregate for a smoother surface.
  • The asphalt is compacted with a vibrating roller to 3 inches thick.
  • The area was then thoroughly cleaned and the parking lot stripes were painted.

Shiloh Temples guests will no longer need waders to get to the building. There you have it. For any parking lot problems, or for tips on preventative maintenance or any kind of parking lot maintenance:  Call Goodmanson Construction at: 651-646-4996 and we can do for you what we did for the Shiloh Temple. Till next time,

Happy Spring!