Downtime on your Commercial Concrete or Asphalt Projects.

Planning for Downtime on a Concrete Construction project

You probably already know what this is, but for those of you who don’t (who are you?) ‘downtime’ is what we call it when you’ve got an asset like a parking lot or a rail yard and you’ve got to take it down for a few days (or if it’s a really big project, a few weeks) while you get work done on it.

Just like with Budgeting, managing the downtime of an asset is critical. While budgeting might help you manage the money that’s going out for the project, managing downtime helps you manage the money that might not be coming in (or coming in more slowly) from the project.

Goodmanson Construction’s Project Managers Understand that Downtime is critical to manage for any project.

Our Project Managers are trained to address the concerns of any commercial or industrial enterprise. While we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do, we also equally pride ourselves on hitting our deadlines. When you say something has to be done in a certain way in order to minimize downtime, that’s what we will do.

Splitting a Major Project into Multiple Phases

If it’s a big asset that needs extensive work, say you’ve got a retail park that needs concrete sidewalks, ADA compliance adjustments and a brand new mill and overlay asphalt parking lot. That’s a lot of stuff. Or say you have a rail yard that needs a brand new fiber reinforced concrete entryway for your semi truck traffic.

You’ll want to split that project up into multiple phases to minimize the downtime for any given phase. Do it all at once and sure, overall it might get done faster, but with more consecutive downtime.

Splitting the project does change the cost structure, and you may have to work on weekends which might change the labor costs, but if you have a mind to do it that way, that’s what we will do. Project Managers here at Goodmanson are flexible and are able to coordinate our field teams to your business’ specific needs.

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are: Managing Downtime is Critical.

Downtime could mean your customers have a harder time getting to the businesses in your retail park. If you’re in shipping and receiving, trucks will have a harder time getting in and out of your facility. So work with a contractor who has a plan to minimize the downtime, hits their time-bound targets and coordinates with you to discuss impacts to your business.

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