Concrete or Asphalt and Rain

The Rain Means More than you Think for your Project

Despite common beliefs, the rain we are getting can actually help identify future problems your concrete or asphalt surface may experience later in its life. With all of the rainfall, it allows you to be able to evaluate possible dangers that could be lurking under the surface of your asphalt or concrete driveway, parking lot, patio, or sidewalks.

Things To Watch Out For:

  • The direction water is flowing.

    The water should be flowing to designated areas such as storm sewers or storm drains. If the water flows towards your building, it can enter the base foundation and destroy your concrete or asphalt surface.

  • Cracks in your concrete or asphalt.

    All concrete cracks, but major cracking or splintering can allow water to penetrate the ground underneath, ruining the base foundation.

  • Spacing between sections of your concrete or asphalt

    If your garage and driveway separate, or your parking lot and storm sewer area settle unevenly, the water can pool underneath the surface and cause major foundation damage, future frost heaving, and tripping hazards.

  • Where the water runs off and pools

    Puddles are bound to form somewhere on or nearby your surface if the water doesn’t evaporate in roughly 24 hours, that standing water could be causing major foundation damage underneath your surface.

What Are The Consequences

  • Foundation Damage
  • Frost Heaving
  • Erosion
  • More Separation of Sections

What Can You Do To Prevent Water Damage?

  • Direct water to designated areas such as storm sewers or drains.
  • Make sure your driveway or parking lot slopes away from your building or structures.
  • Seal any concrete or asphalt cracks
  • Call Goodmanson Construction IMMEDIATELY if the following conditions are true:
    1. Your garage floor and driveway are separated.
    2. Your parking lot is separating from the surrounding curbs or storm sewer areas.

If you have questions or see any of the following issues mentioned above, call Goodmanson Construction at 651-636-4996, or request a free, no-obligation estimate below.