Project Budgeting is Fundamental to the Success of your Business.

Planning and Budgeting for Projects

It’s a rare person who finds project budgeting fun. At Goodmanson Construction, we have to budget just like everyone else does. How much new equipment do we want to buy this year? How many new employees can we afford to hire? How much new business do we project? And so on.

If you’re in operations or facilities management, part of your budget includes a question of taking inventory of your properties and figuring out what needs to get done and how much you have to take care of it.

That’s Enough, We Don’t Need to Know What Budgeting Is. Why is it Important?

The reason we bring it up is because the sooner you budget for something the sooner you can get it scheduled. That’s one advantage.

Another advantage is pricing. Budgeting for something and getting a signed proposal for work in the Spring is a lot more cost effective than a “wait and see” approach.

Maybe your parking lot needs to get redone. Maybe you have some ADA compliance issues. Maybe you can put it off till next year. That approach only works until it doesn’t. Then the parking lot you didn’t budget for suddenly becomes an urgent need. Suddenly you get served with a lawsuit for the ADA issues you thought you could put off until next year.

Budgeting is the ounce of prevention worth the pound of cure.

Commercial budgeting for a project as big as the kind that we do, concrete parking lots or ADA compliance upgrades to an existing parking lot, helps you keep the costs predictable. And keeping them predictable will help you keep them down.

Budgeting Makes Sure your Project Gets Done on Time

When you budget properly, you schedule early and your project gets done on schedule. You’re able to manage the downtime (which we will talk about in another post) while one of your assets is being worked on.

Concrete, Asphalt and Excavation contractors (or someone who does all three like Goodmanson Construction) are filling up their schedules late in the winter and early in the spring (think December to February) so if you want to get prime pricing and your preferred timing then you have to budget early and turn in your proposals.

Your Goodmanson Construction Project Designer is Here to Help You.

We have a great team of Project Designers and Project Managers at Goodmanson Construction who will work with you, your budgets and your time constraints and get you the best deal and the least amount of downtime possible. We pride ourselves on finishing projects on time and on budget.

We also pride ourselves on not missing the details. You see that signage out by your Accessible Parking Spaces? We know the height it’s supposed to be, how it’s supposed to look and we will tell you what you need to do to fix it even when you don’t ask. That way, you can include it in your budget, get it taken care of, and move on with your business.

We have designers certified in the MN Accessibility Code to guide you through the process in straightforward terms. No hidden costs.

This will help you budget for the year and avoid any unpleasant surprises that might come from lacking ADA compliance in your asphalt parking lot or your concrete entryway.

Call Your Project Designer with Any Questions.

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