Commercial Retaining Walls

Whether your commercial property is looking to maximize space, reduce erosion, or provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your business – Goodmanson Construction’s skilled concrete professionals can engineer a custom solution for all of your commercial or industrial retaining wall needs.

Goodmanson Construction’s dedication to providing quality retaining walls, that satisfy both functionality and aesthetics, begins with our Minnesota made products and years of expertise in the concrete, asphalt, and excavating fields. With our skilled retaining wall experts, the latest equipment, and our drive to provide valuable retaining walls that will last, Goodmanson Construction goes above and beyond in maintaining a spotless reputation as the leading retaining wall contractors serving the St. Paul/Minneapolis communities.

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Goodmanson Construction’s Signature Safety Measures

Step One – Excavation & Dirt Work

Goodmanson Construction starts the retaining wall process by first excavating the existing wall, as well as the surrounding area, to ensure that the base of your business’s retaining wall is straight and level. We then install a 6″ reprocessed concrete base as a foundation, which helps reduce the risk of moisture forming under the wall and creates a base that strengthens over time.

Step Two – Installation of Footings

After the base has been securely installed, our team installs footings to match any grade changes as well as increasing the strength and stability of your company’s retaining wall. Each footing will be installed a minimum of 6” in front of and behind the blocks, anchoring your wall in place.

Step Three – Construction of the Wall

With the groundwork complete, our team turns to constructing your wall. We follow strict requirements to ensure your business’s retaining wall is structurally sound, with seamless slope stabilization and erosion reduction built-in.

Step Four – Installation of the Drainage System

As an added defense against erosion, our skilled team of concrete experts installs a custom drainage system to reduce pressure from your retaining wall. The drainage system also reduces the risk of erosion by controlling the flow of water away from your business’s property, ensuring that you and your neighbor’s properties do not experience water damage.

Step Five – Refill and Site Clean-Up

The final step in Goodmanson Construction’s retaining wall installation is to back fill the soil behind the wall with a geosynthetic-reinforcement material, that helps stabilize the ground behind the wall. The excess space in between the blocks are filled with river rock and drain tile as an added deterrence that helps redirect any water away from the retaining wall. When finished, our team thoroughly cleans the site from top to bottom leaving nothing behind but a professionally installed retaining wall that will exceed your expectations.

Since 1971, Goodmanson Construction’s team has undergone everything from large scale and site constraint scenarios to complex retaining walls. Here at Goodmanson Construction, we do everything in our power to provide you with a safe and secure commercial retaining wall your business can count on.

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