Garage Floors

One of the greatest threats for garage floors is the risk of freezing. Whether it is melted snow from vehicle’s or the ground underneath the floor heaving from frost, the results can be catastrophic for garage floors. That is why Goodmanson Construction’s skilled Craftsmen install every floor at a proper pitch to minimize the possibility of standing liquids. We also build in proper rebar reinforcements to strengthen the concrete from within. To further extend the durability and lifespan of concrete garage floors, Goodmanson Construction offers the following additional options for installation:

Insulated Floors

Our highly trained team installs polstyrene insulation boards that act as a barrier, trapping the Earth’s core temperature. By trapping the heat under the concrete, the floor can remain a constant temperature, no matter the weather outside the garage. This reduces the risk of pressure cracks, buckling, or tripping hazards forming. For more information on the benefits of concrete insulation, view our case study HERE! We also are capable of installing heated garage floors.

Garage Floor Drain

By pouring the concrete at a slight slope the Goodmanson Construction team collects any puddles of water to the center of the garage floor where the drain is installed. The liquids are then removed, through cleverly laid pipes in the concrete, to designated areas away from the home or garage. This reduces chances of water damage, rapid freezing, or buckling of the garage floor.

We know the inconvenience of not having access to your garage, which is why Goodmanson Construction maintains an efficient and clean working environment from start to finish to make sure you have access to your garage as soon as possible.

Goodmanson Construction has been installing concrete garage floors since before 1971. Over the course of 45 years we have developed an efficient installation process, along with a well trained staff capable of determining the best suitable concrete solutions for every project.

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