Commercial Parking Lots

Whether your business is in need of a new parking lot or just looking for repairs, Goodmanson Construction is the leading commercial concrete and asphalt contractor for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs. We are able to address your parking lot’s safety concerns, limit disruptions, and ensure durability, all while our ADA compliance certified team installs and repairs your concrete or asphalt parking lot.

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Commercial Concrete

Concrete parking lots are suitable for areas that see frequent use by semis or heavy equipment. Our installation process uses a unique concrete mixture, that when combined with rebar reinforcement, helps protect your company’s parking lot from the maneuvering of heavy vehicles.

As the leading concrete contractor in the Twin Cities, our trained and certified team are ready to build your long-lasting concrete parking lot today.

Commercial Asphalt

Asphalt parking lots are suitable for businesses that have parking areas requiring expansive coverage, such as retail or customer-orientated businesses. At Goodmanson Construction, our team of licensed and insured asphalt contractors are the leading commercial paving company. We provide quality asphalt paving, seal coating, and more!

To see how concrete and asphalt parking lots compare, please view our August Commercial newsletter that can be found HERE.

Storm Sewer Repair

Without proper drainage, the areas surrounding storm sewers can degrade over time. Goodmanson Construction’s superior work ethic & reliable team of certified contractors ensure that your storm sewer repair is quickly installed, long lasting, and extremely durable. Our accomplished asphalt and concrete contractors make sure that all water is properly drained away from your parking lot and your business.


Bollards, or vertical concrete posts, are commonly used to control and direct the flow of traffic in various parking or business settings. Frequently, we see bollards damaged from vehicles coming into contact with the bollard. Goodmanson Construction’s highly trained team can replace/add bollards efficiently, without disrupting your business.

Parking Lot Maintenance

ADA Compliance

Goodmanson Construction knows the importance of engineering and installing ADA-compliant ramps, parking lots, and curbs to allow everyone equal access to your business. If interested in more information on the MnDOT Accessibility Rules and Regulations, you can visit the MnDOT website by clicking HERE.

Snow & Ice Maintenance

Our crew undergoes rigorous training and safety certification to ensure that our team is the most highly skilled and efficient group in the area. For more information on your parking lot’s snow & ice maintenance, please visit our Snow & Ice Maintenance page.

Sidewalks & Entryways

Our quality ADA compliant sidewalks and entryways are paired with our attention to detail. Whether you prefer a strictly utilitarian or decorative design, our experienced concrete professionals are ready to serve you. For more information, visit our Sidewalk and Entryway page.

Goodmanson Construction has been on the frontlines of ADA compliance and installation, ensuring our team is the leading experts in your building’s exterior accessibility. Since 1971, our knowledge and experience have gained us the reputation as the foremost commercial asphalt and concrete contractors in the Minneapolis and St. Paul regions. We pride ourselves on delivering quality parking lots, parking lot repairs, and snow removal for both commercial concrete and asphalt lots.


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