Commercial Steps & Ramps

Goodmanson Construction’s qualified team undergoes ADA compliance training to ensure all commercial ramps are engineered to meet the current ADA requirements for both Minnesota and Federal codes. We also verify that all commercial concrete steps installed are specifically designed with your business’s needs in mind, ensuring your concrete steps are up to code. Our team has the knowledge and flexibility to install all of your company’s concrete projects during your business’s off-hours to minimize disruptions to your work day.

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Access Ramps

Every commercial access ramp is designed and installed according to ADA regulations by our team of accomplished craftsmen. When considering ADA accessible ramps, it is wise to remember that the length of the ramp is determined by the rise of elevation near the installation site. Our on-site ADA expert is available to answer all exterior ADA compliance questions and specifically engineer a concrete solution for your building.

Concrete Steps

Whether your business is looking for aesthetically appealing entry steps or strictly practical, Goodmanson Construction’s team of trained concrete and masonry craftsmen design each step to match your company’s need. We also offer the option to completely customize your steps by the size, shape, color, and texture with the risers guaranteed to be uniform. Each commercial concrete step is engineered to be up to code.

ADA Compliance

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act became civil law, meaning that no public accommodations can discriminate against those with disabilities, including restricting access to their building. Goodmanson Construction knows the importance of engineering and installing ADA-compliant commercial ramps and stairs to allow everyone equal access to your business or property.

If interested in more information on the MnDOT Accessibility Rules and Regulations, you can visit the MnDOT website by clicking HERE.


We do not install railings. However, we recommend Dakota Unlimited, a Minneapolis fencing contractor, who matches Goodmanson Construction’s dedication to quality and reliable customer service.

Goodmanson has been installing commercial concrete steps and ramps since before 1971. We have developed an unparalleled reputation for an efficient installation process, along with a well-trained staff that is skilled in determining the best suitable ADA compliant concrete solutions for every project.

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