Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Whether a retaining wall is needed to level a sloping yard, reduce erosion, or tastefully hide an air conditioning unit, it is a versatile and useful option for many homes in and around the Twin Cities.

Each and every wall our skilled team installs include environmentally sound Minnesota-made materials and an extensive list of safety measures to ensure that your wall withstands the elements and lasts for many years. The list of safety measures built into every wall includes:

Signature Safety Measures:


Retaining Wall Excavation

To ensure the wall remains straight and level, our team installs a 6” base of recycled concrete that helps reduce moisture underneath the retaining wall and creates a foundation that strengthens overtime. We also excavate the soil behind the wall to allow for geosynthetic reinforcement material to be added that helps stabilize the ground behind the wall. We then fill the excess space with river rock and drain tile to redirect any water away from the wall.

For maximum strength and stability, the footings are installed to match any grade changes and will extend a minimum of 6” in front of and behind the blocks.

Constructing a Retaining Wall

Our skilled Craftsmen construct the wall in accordance to block manufacturers requirements and a detailed engineered design to ensure a structurally sound and beautifully finished wall. The base of blocks will be buried and leveled both side-to-side and front-to-back, to ensure that the wall above the base can be placed properly.


To take pressure away from the wall and facilitate proper drainage, we construct a skillfully designed drainage system to reduce the risk of erosion. The surface is also graded to continue facilitating proper drainage away from the wall.


Goodmanson Construction has been installing concrete retaining walls since before 1971. Over the course of 45 years we have developed an efficient installation process, along with a well trained staff capable of determining the best suitable concrete solutions for every project.

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