Sidewalks and Patios

Sidewalks, Patios,& Outdoor Living Spaces

What better way to celebrate our gorgeous Minnesota summers and colorful fall seasons than by having a reinforced concrete patio or outdoor living areas. Concrete patios and outdoor living spaces come in various colors and textures, from the traditional gray to decorative.

Traditional Gray

Traditional Gray Sidewalk

For those who enjoy the classic appearance of traditional gray concrete, Goodmanson Construction has you covered. Whether for your sidewalk or outdoor living space’s, traditional gray concrete can be enhanced with hand-tooled cuts, borders, or combined with any of the other options for a one-of-a-kind look.

Colored Concrete

Colored & Textured Sidewalk

Concrete is heavily reliant on natural pigments to gain its color, from earthy brown to vibrant harvest moon. Although, since the color comes from natural pigments, the color could differ slightly from the sample piece and the final color. For more examples of colored concrete, click HERE.

Decorative Concrete

Hand-Tooled & Stamped Sidewalk

Whether you choose stamped concrete or textured, our team can enhance the appearance of your sidewalk or outdoor living space by mimicking wood, slate, or more! Goodmanson Construction offers thousand’s of various options and designs for you to choose from. To see more examples of decorative concrete click HERE.

For all your concrete projects, whether the traditional gray, colored, or decorative, we provide our Goodmanson Signature Service that includes the following:

  • Maximize Strength
  • Prevent Surface Blemishes
  • Crack Visibility Control
  • Aesthetic Look & Feel
  • Essential Traction
  • Concrete Protection
  • Immediate Concrete Enjoyment

Goodmanson Construction has been installing concrete sidewalks, patios, and outdoor living spaces since before 1971. Over the course of 45 years we have developed an efficient installation process, along with a well trained staff capable of determining the best suitable concrete solutions for every project.

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