Slabs, Pads, and Docks

Our experienced and certified craftsmen are able to construct any size commercial concrete slabs to fit your businesses needs. With our ability to work during your companies off hours, we allow your business to continue daily operations without disruption.

Our team is accredited for the NCMS, ISNetWorld, and Pipeline & Railroad verified. For more information, visit our Accreditations & Client List page.


Areas of a business that require expansive coverage, such as concrete warehouse floors, need an efficient installation crew. Our team of craftsmen can install reinforced concrete slabs for a vast array of sizes with minimal disruptions to your company’s production.


Concrete pads are often installed for sections of a business’s yard or warehouse that comes into contact with moving objects, such as vehicles or equipment. Frequently, our team installs reinforced concrete pads to match exact specifications for machines or tanks, as well as commercial concrete flooring.


Whether large or small scale, Goodmanson Construction ensures that your concrete loading docks are able to withstand weighted equipment moving without damaging the surface. Consider installing a durable loading dock at the same time as your structurally sound warehouse floor to save your company install time and money.


Goodmanson Construction’s expertise in installing commercial concrete floors, concrete slabs, loading docks, and specialized concrete pads has gained us the reputation as the leading concrete contractor in the Midwest. Since 1971, our team has been revolutionizing the commercial concrete industry with our knowledge and expertise.

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