Snow & Ice Maintenance

The Most Comprehensive and Dependable Snow and Ice Solution in the Twin Cities.

Built from the Ground Up to Take Whatever Winter Has to Offer.

Goodmanson Construction trains to meet the most rigorous standards in safety and compliance. Our team is prepared 24 hours a day to keep your parking lots, shopping malls and industrial areas clear.  It doesn’t matter what winter throws at us. We are ready to keep your property clean, safe, and welcoming to both your staff and customers.

We Offer Multiple Contract Options to Fit All Facilities and All Budgets.

Snow and Ice Removal Finally Made Easy.

Finally, a company that gets it. Your facility needs to be open at the crack of dawn? No problem. We are there. Worried about customer access? Worry no more. Worried about getting trucks in and out to pick up vital shipments? We’re prepared for that. Goodmanson Construction has comprehensive Snow and Ice Removal Solutions. Here’s what we offer.

Commercial Snow Removal a clear parking lot freshly plowed at two in the morning


The contract begins November 1st and is budgeted throughout the winter months. You are invoiced monthly.

Time & Material

The contract is dependent on what equipment is agreed upon to maintain your facilities. You are invoiced per service.

Per Service

The contract is dependent on how many inches of snow have fallen. You are invoiced per service.

Rock Salt / Magnesium Chloride

The contract for salt is directly linked to the amount of salt used. This can be invoiced as Time & Material or Seasonal.

Equipment & Facilities

Commercial Snow and Ice Maintenance Goodmanson Construction

Goodmanson Construction knows the importance of safety. We’ve got what we need to get the job done, including accreditations and certifications. We are also an accredited member of e-railsafe, ISNet World, and NCMS. We’ve got what it takes to take on whatever winter throws at your property, regardless of when or what kind of property it is. We’re ready. Are you?


  •  Shovels
  • Skid Steers
  • Professional Snow Blowers
  • Front End Loaders
  • Dump Trucks
  • Salt Distributors
  • Straight & V-Shaped Plows
  • Service Vehicles

Facility Management

  • Parking Lots
  • Service Roads
  • Emergency Exits
  • Loading Docks or Bays
  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Ramps
  • Walkways

Client List

Goodmanson Construction’s customer relationships have been built on our integrity and dependability, no matter the weather.

Here are just some of the companies that trust Goodmanson Construction for their snow and ice management year after year.

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Goodmanson Construction has been maintaining concrete and asphalt parking lots since before 1971. We’re here 24/7 during snow events to make sure your property stays safe and accessible through any weather. Give us a call today to discuss what you need!

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